Getting Started

What You Can Expect

When you contact Josephson Family Law & Mediation Services Inc., P.S. by telephone, we will spend the first ten minutes discussing with you some pertinent details to determine the primary area of family law involved in your particular case. We will then schedule an in-office initial consultation to more fully discuss your particular needs, including the legal issues and other factors which need to be considered.

The initial consultation is typically an hour to an hour-and-a-half. The initial office consultation is limited to the cost of one-half hour of the attorney's hourly rate. We limit the cost of the first office consultation to encourage focusing on the legal issues, and to determine the ability of the attorney and the client to work together under the heavy stressors which are inherent in family law matters. While Josephson Family Law & Mediation Services Inc., P.S. typically does not offer a flat-fee for representation in family law matters, we believe it appropriate for the initial in-office consultation.

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