My family situation was desperate and I was unclear how to proceed. That’s when I met Deborah Josephson. I shared with her my story. She quickly framed up my legal position and provided me the understanding I needed. We next discussed my options. We were able then to set a course of action that provided me the legal and emotional relief I sought. Deb is terrific. I’m not sure how another attorney would have handled my case. All I know is that Deb Josephson never disappointed me.

Sam K.

Deb Josephson really went the extra mile on my case. She listened intently to my concerns and made sure I understood my legal position. I couldn’t have received better counsel. My kids mean the world to me. Deb made sure that they were going to be treated right and that my rights, as their mother, were not going to be trampled or abused.

Ginger W.

Deb Josephson took on my child custody case. It was a messy and difficult situation. She spent the necessary time to familiarize herself with my case so she could provide me smart legal advice. Deb was always available, extremely supportive, efficient and personable. Deb was a blessing.

Sharon T.