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At Josephson & Associates, we recognize that there are many issues which accompany divorce and family law matters, in addition to the obvious legal issues.  The emotional and financial aspects of any family law matter can be overwhelming for all concerned.  Legal disputes are stressful, devastating and disorienting. As experienced family law lawyers, we can ease some of your stress, because of our knowledge of the legal system, and our ability to move around the legal system. We understand the need to protect your interests and to insure the best results for you and your children. As family law lawyers, we assist our clients as they navigate through the legal process; and, we assist them as they work to build a new life with their changed circumstances.  As your attorneys, we tailor the legal remedies available to meet your individual situation, needs, and goals both in and out of court.  Over these many years, we have handled numerous divorces and family law matters from complex, high profile cases to simple, uncontested matters.

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